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Karen Simpson: Opportunity, Equity, and Fairness for All

I am a Maryland native who loves this State.

I will always make the issues that affect our families and neighbors a priority.

I will focus on bringing our community back together as friends, family and neighbors. As a community, we can solve the issues that affect us all.

I am a domestic violence and rape survivor who survived to become a #MeToo champion for women and children – and – the vast majority of men who respect the rights and bodies of women and children.

I am a champion for children.

I am a Maryland public servant with extensive experience working in State government and Annapolis.

I attended Maryland Public Schools. I graduated from Towson University with a master’s in Community Counseling.

I understand the problems facing our community and will be a voice of change to solve those problems.

We need someone who can pull our community together by providing opportunity, equity, and fairness for all.

I am that someone.

I am Karen Simpson.

Please vote for Karen Simpson for Maryland State Delegate Fredrick District 3A.

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State Delegate


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