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My NEXT Adventure

My NEXT Adventure has begun.

I will give voice to women and others whose safety and well-being are overlooked. How? 15,000 voters I will meet and win the hearts of 15,000 voters by June 16, 2022

15,000 voters needing a voice We will run on a modest budget with holes in our shoes in rain or shine. I am determined.

I never let anything stop me from meeting voters.

I never back down. I look forward to the new friendships, relationships, and partnerships along the way. We are strong. We will remain strong to the finish. I will continue to advocate for the least, the lost and the left out.

Because when we succeed, 15,000 voters succeed.

We can do this!

Please donate $100 or any amount to cover the cost for coffee, literature, and everything else we need to meet 15,000 voters. Your support is critical to my ability to succeed. Please share our campaign fundraising page with your friends and family.

To our adventure, Karen P. Simpson

Friends of Karen Simpson

Donna Flaharty, Treasurer

Campaign Fuel: Donate $10 a month until June 2022

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