• Karen Simpson

Priority #1 Education

We care about our children’s schools.

Children by Karen Simpson

Each day as we give them a hug and send them off to school, we want them to learn something of value to their life and our world. And we want them to learn in a safe environment.

We want our children to have the best, most qualified and caring teachers possible.

We want every child, no matter their background or their ability, to be inspired to achieve at their highest level.

As your delegate, the education of our children will be my highest priority.

I will fight for teachers to be paid fairly and schools to be safe and well-maintained.

I will fight against the borrowing of our children’s future.

Funds allocated for education must actually be spent for our children.

Remember all the promises when Casino Gambling was approved a few years ago? We have a big beautiful casino right here in our county – has education funding increased like we were promised?

The problem is not a lack of money, it is a lack of priority – for too many of our leaders keeping special interest donors happy is more important than making sure our children receive a first rate – and safe – education.

I’m tired of excuses. It’s just noise.

Are you a student? A parent? Or a teacher?

Tell me how I can best serve you.

Karen is listening.

Karen 4 Maryland


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