• Karen Simpson

Simpson Tough on Recovery

Our children and families deserve freedom from the scourge of opioid drug use that is invading our county.

I drive by our Police Headquarters and see the sign that brings tears to my eyes – over 100 overdoses as of just the beginning of March right here in Anne Arundel County.

We may feel it’s a problem in other parts of the county, but it’s here, it’s right here in Severna Park and Millersville and Pasadena.

My husband served as a Police Department Chaplain and he responded to many fatal overdose calls right here in our district.

Karen Simpson Red Jacket

As your delegate, I will work to deal firmly and effectively with those who sell these deadly poisons to our children, and to assure that effective treatment is available for those who are caught in the snare of addiction.

People who imprisoned by addictions and their families need services.

Let’s stop frustrating our judicial system with a problem they are not equipped to rehabilitate.

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