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Karen for YOU Priorities

" I began serving Maryland in 1992. I know the importance of properly funding and protecting education, providing access to affordable healthcare and protecting vulnerable neighbors in our community. As your Delegate, I will fight for what matters to YOU. I will never stop fighting for those who need a voice."

Karen is a survivor of domestic violence and rape.  She is a #MeToo champion for the 81% of women and 43% of men who are subjected to abuse and gender violence in their home, work or community by a very small few who bully, bruise, and sometimes murder our fellow community members.

Non Negotiable: Women must have privacy, body autonomy, and reproductive rights. We must protect our rights. 

Our LGBTQA+ community is under attack. They need protection.


Everyone knows someone who has been abused or mistreated; and it is long overdue for us to protect the people we love and care about. 

Karen is a lifelong Maryland resident, and a Maryland State public servant since 1992. She currently serves as the Maryland State Retirement Agency Education and Training Manager.  Karen knows the law. She knows how to make a difference.


Karen Simpson has been listening to our neighbors. And these are the issues important to us:

Healthcare is the number one issue raised by voters regardless of their age. Healthcare is important.

Everyone needs healthcare.


The COVID-19 pandemic made clear why healthcare and employment must be separate, because the pandemic caused many to lose their jobs at a time when they needed healthcare coverage the most. Healthcare and prescription drug costs continue to rise. 

  • My daughter has an auto-immune disease.  Thanks to great healthcare and the Affordable Care Act we have been able to support our daughter. I have watched my daughter suffer through a long-term medical illness.  

  • No family should be bankrupt due to a family member's illness.

  • Not everyone is blessed with a good job with good healthcare or health insurance. And most of us develop some type of pre-existing condition.

  • I believe it is as important to love my neighbors as I love my daughter. I wish I could cover everyone on my insurance. Since I can't, advocating for affordable healthcare for everyone will be my passion.

Remember, the purpose of government is to pay for the stuff that we all need that is cheaper and more affordable together than individually; and that is why our tax dollars should support available, accessible, affordable, and exceptional healthcare. Everyone needs healthcare. Everyone(.)


  • Our children should be able to go to school and our family should be able to go to the doctor or grocery store without worrying about being swept away in a flash flood #GreenNewDeal

  • Environmental protection laws make sense, they are economical and must be enforceable.

  • Flooding is a local and State issue.  We must invest in green jobs and work together to make our climate safer for all generations. #NoFossilFuelMoney


Properly Invest in Education

We must properly invest in our public schools to give every child the best education possible in schools parents and children can be proud to attend. This includes our higher education. 

Higher education is vital to our State's economy. We must alleviate economic barriers to open doors for our promising students to further their education and contribute to Maryland’s economy. 

  • Education must be the priority. 

  • Our teachers Must. Be. Properly. Supported. for the investment they make in our community.

  • Children need a safe environment to learn and deserve the pre-school advantage.


                               Justice: Economic, Social, Racial, Environmental and More

  • We need a livable wage. We all want enough money to pay our bills with something left over to enjoy. We live in one of the richest states in the nation. This is doable.

  • Our local, State and county representatives must work together.

  • Our children and the people who work in our district should be able to obtain and afford housing.

  • Karen will lead Maryland to prosperity with opportunities for people in our district.

  • Karen is fiscally frugal.

  • Let’s stop having double standards about justice and crime.

  • If we are serious about crime and justice, if someone harms someone else, lock them up.

  • Poverty is not a crime, STOP penalizing it.

  • We don’t need larger prisons. We need better schools.

  • We don't need larger prisons. We need hospitals and treatment centers.

  • We have a drug epidemic that doesn’t care how old you are, how much money you have or the color of your skin.  People struggling with addictions and mental health issues need services.

  • Let’s stop frustrating our judicial system with issues they are not equipped to rehabilitate.

  • We have a #MeToo epidemic. We are finally awakening to the realization that there are a few bad apples out there that have had an open playing field to take advantage of a multitude of the people we care about.

  • We need to talk about crimes against women, children and vulnerable adults.

  • As a domestic violence and rape survivor, Karen is a champion for women and children.

  • She will always be a social justice advocate.


Karen is listening.


Karen will advocate for your best interests and safety.

If the issues important to you are not listed here, please email Karen at to tell her about your concerns.

Frederick District 3 includes Frederick City, Linganore, Bartonsville, Liberty Town, Mount Pleasant, New Market, Ijamsville, Urbana, and Ballenger Creek. Click here for Map

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