" I have served Maryland since 1992. I know the importance of properly funding and protecting education, providing access to affordable healthcare and the need within our community to protect our citizens. As your Delegate, I promise to fight for what matters most to YOU. I will never stop fighting for those who need a voice."


Karen Simpson is a beloved member of the community. She serves her neighbors and hopes to represent everyone in District 31B Millersville, Gambrills, Glen Burnie, Lake Shore, Pasadena, Riviera Beach and Severna Park.


Karen promises to represent the people who elect her and not the special interests of a select few. Her core focus is to provide opportunity, equality and fairness to everyone in the community.



Did you know that Maryland’s General Assembly is 77% male politicians? Our government should represent the people. Our district is not 77% male. Let’s correct that by giving more women a voice. Karen Simpson has been listening to our neighbors. And these are the issues important to District 31B:


  • Education should always be the top priority in one of the richest counties in the nation BUT it has not been. The current Administration is NOT properly funding our schools.

  • Maryland must STOP borrowing from our children’s education. Our future’s education must be properly funded.

  • Our teachers Must. Be. Properly. Compensated. for the investment they make in our community.

  • Children need a safe environment to learn and deserve the pre-school advantage.



  • Did I mention that we live in one of the richest counties in the nation?

  • We need a livable wage. We all want enough money to pay our bills with something left over to enjoy. We live in one of the richest counties in the nation. This is doable.

  • Our State and county representatives must work together.

  • Our children and the people who work in our district should be able to obtain and afford housing. She will lead Maryland to prosperity with opportunities for people in District 31B.

  • Karen is fiscally frugal.


  • We are neighbors. We work together. We may pray together. Our children go to school together and play at the local Rec together. We need one another.

  • Our businesses need employees. Let’s STOP shipping off our hard-working tax paying neighbors who are living peacefully among us. Let’s make District 31B the community it was when we weren’t afraid to ask our neighbor for a ride or a cup of milk.



  • Let’s stop encouraging or funding child molesters or other criminals to run for office!

  • Let’s stop having double standards about crime.

  • If we are truly serious about crime, we need to properly fund, train and support law enforcement. We need to enforce laws already on our books.

  • If someone harms someone else, lock them up or deport them. But let’s stop filling our prisons with family members who need services.

  • We don’t need larger prisons. We need better schools.

  • We have a drug epidemic that doesn’t care how old you are, how much money you have or the color of your skin. These people need services. Let’s stop frustrating our judicial system with issues they are not equipped to rehabilitate.

  • We have a #MeToo epidemic. We are finally awakening to the realization that there are a few bad apples out there that have had an open playing field to take advantage of a multitude of the people we care about.

  • We need to talk about crimes against women, children and vulnerable adults.


  • Our neighbors have the right to own guns. Some neighbors hunt. Some neighbors collect guns. Law enforcement officers have guns. Our service members and veterans have guns.

  • Yet almost all of them agree they don’t need an AR-15, teachers shouldn’t be armed and guns should be regulated like cars with age restrictions, training, license and consequences.

  • Let’s stop letting outside organizations and Associations dictate common sense safety measures. Karen would like to get her district 31B neighbors together to discuss our second amendment.


  • Karen’s grandfather and brother loved to fish and crab. As a Maryland native, her family gathered around bushels of crabs and beer.

  • We need to take care of local waterways. We should be able to swim without worrying about flesh-eating bacteria and we should be able to share Maryland’s crabs with every future generation.

  • Environmental protection laws must make sense, be economical to follow and be enforceable.


  • Karen and her husband’s daughter has an auto-immune disease. Healthcare is very important to them and their daughter. Thanks to great healthcare and the Affordable Care Act they can support their daughter until she is twenty-six years old.

  • Not everyone is blessed with good healthcare or health insurance. And most of us develop some type of pre-existing condition.

  • Karen believes it is important to love her neighbors as she loves her daughter. Therefore, advocating for affordable healthcare for everyone will be one of her passions.


  •  As a domestic violence and rape survivor, Karen will be a champion for women and children.

  • She will always be a social justice advocate.


Karen will have many more laws to consider for the overall welfare of our neighbors.


Karen is listening.


Karen will represent everyone in District 31B


If the issues important to you are not listed here, please email Karen at to tell her about your concerns.